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How to become a member of various groups within the Legion

Royal Canadian Legion Member


Due to changes in membership eligibility, any person of Canadian Citizenship or a Commonwealth Subject of good character and eighteen years of age or older can now join the Royal Canadian Legion. You will be able to compete in all sports and participate in basically anything except vote at general meeting for two years. 

Every member should now have a years service label pin, if not please call me, at 657-3506. Harry Cook Membership Chairperson.


By joining The Royal Canadian Legion you will have the opportunity to make new friends, become involved with your community and to develop and share your leadership skills. You will help to perpetuate the Remembrance of those who gave so much for the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today and the proud heritage of this great Canadian organization will be enriched by the enthusiasm, energy and new ideas that you bring to it.

Here are just some of the many benefits membership in The Royal Canadian Legion brings:

Social Activities - Most branches have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges. Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.

Member Participation Sports - The Legion has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage and golf, with competitions ranging from local, provincial to national levels.

Member Benefits Package - The Legion has developed a relationship with a number of corporate partners to provide products and services to its members. Some of the partners include an insurance company, health care services, a credit card company, and an auto club to name a few. Only Legion members are entitled to the benefits offered.

Community Service -You can serve your community by assisting with the many Legion programs in support of youth, seniors, the disabled and others. The Legion also provides bursaries and scholarships to students from Secondary School to the University level and is the largest single supporter of Scouts and Guides in Canada. It is also a major supporter of sea, army and air cadets.

Leadership - You will have the opportunity to grow within this great organization. The Legion needs members who can take on the Leadership challenge. If this is where your interest lies you can become involved by serving on the branch executive. You may even wish to go to higher levels such as zone, district or provincial. You may even aspire to the national level. Every Dominion President who has served in this capacity started out as a branch member. You, too, could one day be President of the largest community service organization in Canada.

Service - As Canada's largest volunteer organization, tremendous intangible benefits are gained through the commitment of members to fulfill the mandate of remembrance, service to the community and our country. Our fallen comrades served in battle, you have "another way to serve" by joining The Royal Canadian Legion.

Legion Magazine - Your membership includes a subscription to the Legion Magazine which is published six times a year. It contains articles on various topics including history, current events and general interest stories, as well as keeping members up-to-date on the many and varied Legion activities. It also contains a section dedicated to the recognition of those who served their country.

The many opportunities and programs offered by The Royal Canadian Legion are identified throughout our web site or you may wish to contact your local Legion Branch or Post for more information.


The following documentation is required to determine eligibility for the various membership categories and should accompany your Membership Application Form (Form can be filled out on your PC). Military service documentation can be obtained from the National Archives of Canada.

Type of Membership Qualify By Documentation Required
Ordinary Self
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Service record and/or discharge certificate
Associate Family Member
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Service record and/or discharge certificate of person who is or was eligible for ordinary membership
  • Marriage, birth or adoption certificates to establish relationship to person who is or was eligible for ordinary membership; or
  • Marriage, birth or adoption certificates to establish relationship to associate member
Associate Common Law Spouse
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Verification that applicant has cohabited for minimum of one year; i.e., Income tax return, mortgage, lease, mailing address
Associate Navy League
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Documentation indicating rank of officer and that the two year service requirement has been met
Associate Cadet
Cadet Civilian Instructor
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Documentation or a letter of confirmation from the Commanding Officer of Cadet unit indicating that the three year service requirement has been met
Associate Polish Armed Forces
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Service record and/or discharge certificate indicating rank and dates of service
Associate Firefighters
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Documentation indicating service and that the one year service requirement has been met.
Affiliate Voting Self
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof that two year Legion service requirement has been met (24 months from date membership passed at general meeting)
Affiliate Non-Voting Self
  • Proof of citizenship



Riverside Seniors

Riverside Seniors are looking for new members, anyone 55 years or over is invited to come out to a fun day third Wednesday of every month 1:30pm. We have a potluck supper, play cards or darts, and also take bus trips. Dues are $13 a year. Club meets at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 105 Cardinal On.

Contact President Tom Beatson at 657-4592.

Ladies’ Auxiliary

A Community Non-Profit Organization

We want to continue to serve our community & Youth Groups

Our Criteria is:

Must be of legal age.

Must enjoy having fun.

Must enjoy working together.

Must enjoy working for the community.

Join our Ladies’ Auxiliary of branch 105 and savour the good feeling you get by helping someone else.

The Ladies Auxiliary meet the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

The yearly dues are $15.00 Contact Bernadette Cheetham.

Full name:
Email address:
Membership Questions

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