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Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Come down to the Legion for full details

Due to changes in membership eligibility, any person of Canadian Citizenship or a Commonwealth Subject of good character and eighteen years of age or older can now join the Royal Canadian Legion. You will be able to compete in all sports and participate in basically anything except vote at general meeting for two years.

As our Membership has dropped over past years, if you know of anyone who may be interested ask him or her to phone me at 657-3506 anytime. Our membership is 267 at present.
REMINDER 2006 DUES ARE NOW DUE. Branch dues for year 2006 are $40. Dues are the same for every member.

Remember after Jan.31/06 you are not a member in good standing and your Legion Magazine will be cut off until dues are paid. Every member should now have a years service lapel pin if not please call me, at 657-3506.
Harry Cook Membership Chairperson
New members: to the Legion:

Members who have Past:

Riverside Seniors are looking for new members, anyone 55 years or over is invited to come out to a fun day third Wednesday of every month 1:30pm. We have a potluck supper, play cards or darts, and also take bus trips. Dues are $13 a year. Club meets at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 105 Cardinal On.
Contact President Tom Beatson at 657-4592.

Ways & Means
If you have any suggestions please contact Betty Bissonnette at 657-3048 or 657-4735.

Sick & Visiting If you are aware of anyone at home convalescing or in the hospital or nursing home, please contact Bev Toupin at 657-1180.

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